02/11/2006 - Twitch
Dark Resurrection - Unofficial Italian Star Wars Short
Lately i stumbled across the website for a short movie called Dark Resurrection, that caught my attention. But what is DR about?

Here is an excerpt from the Official Website:

DR is a short no-profit film inspired by the universe created by George Lucas.
The movie will be split in two chapters, each of them will be about 40 mins of running time.

A few centuries after EPVI in the official Timeline, DR tells the story of a young Jedi apprentice and his mentor in a period of great changes in the balance of galaxy. Unfortunately, we cannot say more about the story at the moment, but you will find more details at the official release of the first trailer, in september.
DR has been written and directed by Angelo (Atilak) Licata and produced by Davide Bigazzi and Angelo Licata.

No one between actors, external co-workers or anyone in any case has been payed! Each of them worked just for the fun of it and for the passion that drives us.

There are already two nice trailers to download, that give you an idea of the production value.

The first chapter should be released at the end of 2006 and will be freely available for download.

You can find more informations, promotional images, concept art, backstage and trailers on the official website.

Personally i think it looks pretty cool. What’s your opinion?

The Dude abides ...

Trailer A (downloadable quicktime)

Trailer B (downloadable quicktime)

Dark Resurrection Official Website (only in italian, but the FAQ section is translated into english and answers the main questions about the movie)

Sito disegnato da Atilak
Impaginazione di Davide Canavero
Testi di Davide Bigazzi