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How have the explosions and light sabers been realized?

Written by Riccardo Antonino.


A long work with compositing techniques is needed to realize all the lightsabers with After Effects. The method used is a frame-by-frame positioning of the light beams because an efficient tracking is made impossible by the speed of the movements, by the image flickering and by other problems that limit its precision. 

This kind of work is called Rotoscoping and consists in creating mobile masks that delimit the area of the blade’s core to which a glow of the desired color is applied.

It’s a work that requires much precision, but it is also very boring. Fabrizio Fenner has been entrusted with this tough job for many years.

The Explosions are realized almost completely with compositing techniques, but often it is possible to use video material specifically realized by shooting fire and explosions on a black or blue background. Some flying fragments and scraps, smoke and dust are a mix between 2d and 3d techniques.


Who has realized costumes and props for Vol.0?

Written by Riccardo Antonino.

For Vol. 0 costumes have been designed and realized by: Fabio Gervasoni's "Stoker Costumi", Alberto Zanandrea (white devil) and "The Iron Ring", who has created the costumes of Daikar, Nisar and of the Daikas (the battle of Eron).

Biodroids'costumes have been realized by Tommaso Ragnisco and Francesco Fabiani, Fabrizio Fenner, Carmen Caci, Francesca Avolio and Maurizio Zuppa, who have realized the costume of the second guardian of Eron.



Who was in charge of sound effects and editing for Vol. 1?

Written by Riccardo Antonino.


Sound Effects and art foley are both by Riccardo Leto’s RCL Sound Studio in Torino (Italy).

Sound editing is by Dario Mollo’s Damage Studio. Dario Mollo is a musician and an artistic producer, and also author of some projects at international level.

Who has realized costumes and props in Vol.1?

Written by Riccardo Antonino.

In Vol. 1 costumes were all self-made, realized by hand. All the seamstresses and the dressmakers are from the staff (Carmen and Rosi Caci).

There are a few important exceptions: Admiral Zail’s and Imperial Officers’ uniforms have been offered by Amedeo Tecchio and Stefania Zeni.

Aron’s costume (Enzo Aronica) has been realized by Fabio Gervasoni's “Stoker Costumi”.

C1P8, the droid that appears in the movie, which is the only conjunction with the original saga, it’s a life-sized and fully functioning model realized by Amedeo Tecchio. 

Light Saber’s hilts have been realized with a lathe from a block of aluminium. Some of them, as the Hope’s one, can be fully disassembled. For Hope’s hilt, all the internal components have been realized and used for the opening sequence which finally shows the construction of a light saber. 

The hilts of Sorran and Zui Mar are made by Piero Bockos while the other weapons have been realized in the US by “Rlsa Sabers”.

The secrets of DR swords

Written by Darth Pretti.


This article is a way to give you an answer to one of the most frequently asked questions on DR. How did you manage to create the lightsabers? That's why We have decided to let you know something more about their creators. Roberto Valli and Davide Ribolzi have worked on the design and the construction of the dark sabers, creating models aesthetically and functionally appropriate to the characters. Fabrizio Fenner has made them blazing and colorful thanks to the rotoscoping, a long-lasting technique which requires an obsessive precision. Here is the interview.

1- How did you join the team of DR?

Roberto Valli: In 2006 I took part as an extra in the prologue of Volume 1 and met Angelo Licata. However, I didn't have a sword. After the shooting, I decided to create my own sword. Then I asked Davide Ribolzi, owner of an authomatic metal turning company and a dear friend of mine, if he could help me. As the trial version of the swords had a good outcome, I asked Angelo if they could be good for Volume 0. He was immediately enthusiastic about the proposal and after that, it all began.