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Dark Resurrection Vol.1 HD remastered!

Written by Mattia Stancanelli.



A great Christmas gift for all of us, to enjoy the beginning of everything (in every single detail!). Here are the words of the director for this special film release:

"Dear friends, 

here is the HD version of my first work, which began in 2004 with my dear friend Davide Bigazzi and which was then completed with great effort and passion in 2007.

This work has been fully HD remastered, however we have decided to keep it unchanged. We didn't add anything brand-new, neither special effects nor scenes or sounds. We think that the weak points and the flaws of the first DR have now become part of the movie and “improving them” would be a big mistake.

With great pleasure we discovered that worldwide the Volume 1, which has been flooding on a wide range of peer-to-peer web channels, has been translated into 12 languages. Now these subtitles are available to everybody, directly on the video uploaded on YT.

Enjoy the movie. Thank you to all those people who will join us in future, in order to continue our challenge towards the Volume 2".

                                                                                                                                                                     Angelo Licata    

We all thank him for everything, probably without his very first spark of madness, what we have achieved so far, would never have existed.

May the Force flow more powerful than ever through all of us, now as then!


DR vol.1 more than a MILLION views

Written by Fabrizio Fenner.



Dark Resurrection Vol.1 has passed the threshold of a MILLION views on Youtube!

... and this happened on a single channel (among the various ones). The video has been loaded by an American fan!

A big thank you to all the fans and the supporters of Dark Resurrection!


The DVD of DR Vol 1 is finally ready!

Written by Riccardo Antonino.



Dear friends and supporters, finally the SIAE adhesive labels for the DVD of Dark Resurrection Vol.1 has arrived at the headquarters of Riviera Film.

From next week on we will send you the DVDs and the cards for the supporters who still need to receive it.

Thank you for your generous patience and your continuous support!

DR Vol. 1 in Collegno - on 29th May

Written by Riccardo Antonino.



Waiting for the upcoming release of Dark Resurrection Volume 0 (post-production should be completed within the next week, then the dubbing and the sounds will be finally added). The "old" Volume 1 continues to live and to be presented on many festivals and reviews. Tomorrow on Sunday 29th May, at 15 pm the film will be screened as part of the "CORTOMATTO" Festival in Collegno (Turin) at the events area “Lavanderia a Vapore”.

Anyone who will be around is invited to drop in for the screening! For more information, visit the following website: