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Sorran: Character Sheet

Written by Staff.


 The origins of Sorran are shrouded in mystery.

Decades before the imperialist riots, a group of space pirates led by renegade Lanor, boarded and looted a large number of ships along the route to Pan. The members of the Keys Order sent a team of Jedi to resolve the situation, this team was led by Master Doram.

Thor: character sheet

Written by Staff.


Master Sorran meets Thor when his future protégé was only five years old, during an archaeological research on the frozen planet Kaleban, an important archaeological site rich in Eronian artifacts. Thor was a native child belonging to the Ursthor tribe. He had an innate flair for the Force. For this reason, the elderly people called him "Urish Ushur," meaning the gods' son.

Zistor: character sheet

Written by Staff.


Native of the planet Omraf, this Jedi began his career late in life, but still managed to be well- trained due to his remarkable physical abilities. His great combat skills urge the Council to entrust him to military purposes. Zistor however, refuses and asks to take part in missions able to fullfill his primary focus: the knowledge.

Ranur - Character Sheet

Written by Staff.


Science officer in various missions of the Jedi Republic, at the beginning Ranur wasn't interested in the archaeological research of Sorran. He gets involved in it by Zistor, who exploits his scientific curiosity in order to make him join the team. Master Ranur is fascinated by the Eronians' ability to shape the organic matter at their leisure in order to build ships and buildings.

Nilah: character sheet

Written by Staff.


Nilah belongs to the Nexerith order, one of the oldest orders of the Jedi Republic, formed exclusively by women of extraordinary beauty: a perfect physical appearance was considered by the Nexerith order to be the evidence of the genetic purity required to have an innate flair for the Force.

Gash: character sheet

Written by Staff.


Gash is a native of the planet Keys, which is the capital of the Jedi Republic. His father Raimir was a Jedi to which the Council had given the task of Guardian of the northern borders. Gash grew up in this desolate area, raised by his father, who has always been his only point of reference. When the imperialist forces attempted the siege on Keys, Raimir had to deal alone with the first enemy legion.

The General Mesian: character sheet

Written by Staff.


The General Mesian took part in the Keys Battle against the imperialists. That battle ended with the victory of the Jedi Republic. Nevertheless, there were many casualties among the ranks of the Republic and many republican ships were torn down .