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Dark Resurrection Crew: Fabrizio Rizzolo

Written by Angelo Licata.


1- How did you join the team of the DR?

I started as a dubber. At the end of the first volume I had to dub some of the characters, so I went for an audition by Riccardo Leto. Angelo was immediately excited about my voice, then he saw some of my photos and asked me to take part in a scene on the Jedi Council. I became Master Zorol and I felt really proud about it.

2- Can you tell us your role within the production?

I am responsible for all the aspects of the film production and of the budget management. I am the Executive Producer both for DR2 and for the Volume 0. It is a very delicate task, I have to balance the books, but most of all I have to match dates, deadlines, staff, locations and logistics in general with the directing needs of Angelo, as well as with the scripts and storyboards written by us. However, this experience is also able to give you a lot of satisfaction: when someone (luckily they are a lot) tells me that he or she can’t believe what we have been able to do so far, or that DR is a high-quality work, thanks to which we are proud to be Italian…well, then you feel rewarded for all your hard work!

Dark Resurrection Crew: Daniele Balconi

Written by Angelo Licata.


1- How did you join Dark Resurrection?

Well, in a very simple way to be honest. I found the casting announcement for the film, where they were looking for other fighters. So me and my team, the Flying Without Fear, prepared a fighting choreography and showed it at the casting in Sanremo, leaving the director Angelo Licata speechless and frightened.

2- Can you tell us your role within the production?

I deal with stunts. I am the co- founder with Fabio Branca of the stunt action team Flying Without Fear, which is the team that was responsible for most of the fighting scenes of Vol.0, both for the body doubles and the general fighters. Personally, I've been Maurizio Zuppa's assistant choreographer, and I coordinated the stunts that dealt with the action scenes.

Dark Resurrection Crew: Andrea Languasco

Written by Angelo Licata.


1- How did you join the team of DR?

I met Angelo thanks to Eugenio Ripepi. I remember that night he showed me the first post-production stages of Volume 0 and I asked him so many questions about the effects and shooting techniques. One week later he called me to help him and work as an operator. From that moment on there has always been a strong cooperation between us.

2- Can you tell us your role within the production?

As in most of my previous experiences I have always dealt with the camera, working as an operator has been something quite natural for me.

Dark Resurrection Crew: Isabella Tabarini

Written by Angelo Licata.


1- How did you join the team of DR?

I took part in Dark Resurrection Volume 1 as a dubber. Riccardo Leto told me about this incredible project 4 years ago. They had already shot the film and were looking for dubbers. I was already a dubbing actress but I had no experience. I made just a tryout and Angelo chose me. Everything started from that time, I dubbed and I even lent my face for a brief image of Hope's wet nurse, Heasen. Then, excited by this group, I decided to join in the association Riviera Film and help where possible.

2 - Can you tell us your role within the production?

Within the Dark Resurrection project you have to be ready to be split in two and "be recycled", so that I did a little bit of everything. The dubbing is always my favourite part because it is what is closest to my work as an actress, but as you deal with a group with whom it so nice to work, doing anything gets absolutely challenging. So I dealt with the dubbing in Volume 0, the organization and the casting short, everything you do can be useful!

Dark Resurrection Crew: Mattia Stancanelli

Written by Angelo Licata.


1- How did you join the team of DR?

As an actor ! But once I knew the project better, I couldn’t stop dedicating all my energies and to this work, which is not just in front of the camera.

2- Can you tell us your role within the production?

My role is assistant director. Basically I am a go-between the director, the production and all the other departments. My job is to make feasible and achievable what the director wants to do, following the indications of the production. This is the pre-production phase. On the set instead, I have to coordinate all the departments with the needs of the direction and the production, so that all the shots work well without any problem. In short, at the end of the shooting, people think I am the most obnoxious person in the staff. More or less I am like a paperboy, the person with whom everybody is angry if something goes wrong. Well, I haven’t done a great deal when I decided to work behind the camera.

Dark Resurrection Crew: The Iron Ring

Written by Angelo Licata.


1- First of all, tell us something about you!

The Iron Ring has been dealing with costumes and props for more than a decade. We started with the historical reconstruction but soon we spread towards other things, such as: fantasy, science fiction and other types of “genre” costumes and props.

2- How did you join the group of DR?

We were already aware of Vol.1, and when we found out that even Vol. 0 was in process, we immediately called Angelo Licata, telling him that we absolutely wanted to take part to the project. At first we started to work on a couple of costumes, however in the end we created 17 new costumes!