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Dark Resurrection Crew: Mattia Stancanelli

Written by Angelo Licata.


1- How did you join the team of DR?

As an actor ! But once I knew the project better, I couldn’t stop dedicating all my energies and to this work, which is not just in front of the camera.

2- Can you tell us your role within the production?

My role is assistant director. Basically I am a go-between the director, the production and all the other departments. My job is to make feasible and achievable what the director wants to do, following the indications of the production. This is the pre-production phase. On the set instead, I have to coordinate all the departments with the needs of the direction and the production, so that all the shots work well without any problem. In short, at the end of the shooting, people think I am the most obnoxious person in the staff. More or less I am like a paperboy, the person with whom everybody is angry if something goes wrong. Well, I haven’t done a great deal when I decided to work behind the camera.

 3- What has given you personally the experience of DR?

A lot! I will never stop repeating that I have met wonderful people with whom there is now a special relationship. Angelo and Fabrizio, Mila and Isa, the other Fabry and Maurizio, Grazia and all the others (certainly I forgot someone important, but please, forgive me), people with whom I have been working for years side by side, but who have also become great friends. Talking about my personal growth instead, all I can say is that I learned a lot. Thanks to such a rich number of people working on the same project, all experts in their field, the knowledge and the skills acquired have been really amazing!

4- Tell us a personal, funny and meaningful story in short, a special moment at your choice while you were working on DR.

An unforgettable moment for me has definitely been the set of the Battle of Eron. I started the pre-production while I was in Sicily for a job. I directly went to Liguria, one week before the shooting and I started working on all the problems concerning the set, I was completely absorbed by it. For 4 days I literally disappeared from the world, together with the rest of the production staff!

We had to deal with the rental of portable toilets, with the technical equipment for the set, such as forklift trucks or cranes, for instance. On the set in only three days, we also had to coordinate almost two hundred people (including runners, actors, stagehands and extras). Those people have all been great and while working on the project their only purpose was achieving a good result only with their own means. We were very sad when we had to say goodbye to everyone at the end. Together with those people we have achieved something incredible. There was a lot of hard work but we made it. After this "tour de force " finally we could sigh with relief. Anyway, everybody had the awareness that a piece of them was gone, but also that much more had filled that void.