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Dark Resurrection Crew: Fabrizio Rizzolo

Written by Angelo Licata.


1- How did you join the team of the DR?

I started as a dubber. At the end of the first volume I had to dub some of the characters, so I went for an audition by Riccardo Leto. Angelo was immediately excited about my voice, then he saw some of my photos and asked me to take part in a scene on the Jedi Council. I became Master Zorol and I felt really proud about it.

2- Can you tell us your role within the production?

I am responsible for all the aspects of the film production and of the budget management. I am the Executive Producer both for DR2 and for the Volume 0. It is a very delicate task, I have to balance the books, but most of all I have to match dates, deadlines, staff, locations and logistics in general with the directing needs of Angelo, as well as with the scripts and storyboards written by us. However, this experience is also able to give you a lot of satisfaction: when someone (luckily they are a lot) tells me that he or she can’t believe what we have been able to do so far, or that DR is a high-quality work, thanks to which we are proud to be Italian…well, then you feel rewarded for all your hard work!

3- What has given you personally the experience of DR ?

Much work in the field, the opportunity to put myself to the test and also to improve in all the fields in which I have been involved: from producing to directing, writing, editing and dubbing. DR is a huge opportunity to learn, to experiment and then to watch on the screen the results of your effort. Above all, working in a fantastic group of guys out of the ordinary gave me great joy. This is a group of people with whom I would like to work every day, led by an amazing, enthusiastic, hardworking and grateful leader. To be honest, now he has also become one of my best friends: his name is Angelo Licata.

4- Tell us a personal, funny and meaningful story in short, a special moment at your choice while you were working on DR.

A funny but also absurd moment for me was when, while we were having dinner to celebrate the end of the dubbing and of the production of Vol 1, Angelo told us that there was still one more scene to be shooted! This is to make you understand how much the spirit of improvisation in Vol 1 prevailed on the organization. So I told him that I was available to shoot the morning after, then he made a quick calculation to decide my possible location in the scene. Finally, he accepted with enthusiasm. That’s why I can say that I’ve been the protagonist of the very last scene of DR 1, when Zorol asks Organa to help him.

Another very special moment for me was when at the end of the first day of shooting for Volume 0 in which I took part as a volunteer, I gave Angelo some tips on the shots that he was preparing for the next day. After less than half an hour Angelo said: “Tomorrow, I want you to be my assistant director." I think it was the fastest promotion in the whole history of the cinema.