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Sorran: Character Sheet

Written by Staff.


 The origins of Sorran are shrouded in mystery.

Decades before the imperialist riots, a group of space pirates led by renegade Lanor, boarded and looted a large number of ships along the route to Pan. The members of the Keys Order sent a team of Jedi to resolve the situation, this team was led by Master Doram.

The Jedi intercepted the ship of Lanor hidden in an asteroid field slightly outside the route to Pan. After a violent battle, despite the enormous firepower of Lanor, the Jedi managed to get the better and boarded the pirate ship.

Once inside they discovered that Lanor and his men had committed suicide rather than ending up in the hands of the Jedi . They also found something else besides the whole swag of the pirates. Inside a holding cell, they found two children of three and four years old. Their names were Aron and Sorran.

The records on board were deleted and the Jedi could not discover the family from which the two children had been torn. Sorran, the older one, gave Master Doram a detailed description of his parents, with names and coordinates, however it was useless: it seemed as if the parents of the two children had never been existed.

Feeling responsible for their own destiny and being deeply struck by the innate propensity for the Force that the children showed, Doram decided to raise them as if they were her own children.

The powers of Sorran and Aron became sharper as they grew up, allowing them to be accepted at the Jedi Academy. The two brothers shone among their companions and their propensity for command was clear from the start. Once the war against the imperialists broke out, Sorran and Aron became the two youngest general officers in the whole history of the Jedi Republic. They led huge armies in the bloodiest battles that the Republic had ever fought. Their names became legendary.

After years of victories, for Sorran and Aron the road that would have led them to become members of the Council was now open: their dream was about to come true. A few months before the Preniom, the acceptance ritual within the Council, they were entrusted with a delicate mission: they had to set a group of archaeologists of the Republic free. Those archaeologists had been taken hostage by the imperialists on the planet Odem.

The kidnapping turned out to be a trap to kill the two Jedi. On the planet there was no trace of the imperialists. Sorran and Aron found easily the archaeologists, who were linked in the cave in which they were carring out the excavations. Aron was about to set the hostages free while Sorran was exploring the cave in search of some evidence, when suddenly the trap sprung. The imperialists had placed war surpluses in different parts of the continent of the ancient Galactic Empire. They were Emitters of Seismic Waves used in ancient times to raze entire planets. The earthquake was devastating, part of the cave collapsed, separating Sorran by Aron and the hostages. Sorran was left alone in the darkness keeping with the Force the boulders that would have buried him on levitation. At this tragic moment, Sorran saw what his torch fell on the ground was illuminating: on the wall in front of him there were ancient inscriptions that told of an ancestral legend, the legend of Eron. The reality around him faded and Sorran had a vision: he saw himself in the future opening a seal, the Seal of Eron. The vision was interrupted by the sound of the rocks thrown by Aron, who came to his rescue. The wall with the inscriptions was shattered, but before Aron could reach him, Sorran managed to collect two debris. The two Jedi managed to rescue the archaeologists before the land torn by shocks swallowed them into the darkness.

This success was the consecration of the legend of Sorran and Aron, however Sorran didn't savour the triumph. All he could think about was what he had seen in that cave, whose only testimony were those two debris that he kept secret from that day. On one of them it was engraved: "will open the seal of Eron" and on the other " will become the Living Force". Those words became his obsession. Sorran convinced himself to be the Chosen One, the person who would have opened the Seal of Eron.

There were only a few days left to the Preniom, when Sorran confided his will to his brother. He had no intention to join the Council, his destiny was to find Eron. Aron did'nt believe to those words, he thought his beloved brother had gone mad. Endless discussions turned out to be useless, so that their paths diverged. Aron joined the Council and Sorran followed his way. Altough their relationship was inexorably damaged Aron, using his powers as a member of the Council, helped Sorran to follow his path, not telling the other members the obsession that drove his brother in this endeavor.

Sorran ordered to carry out excavations among the ruins of the planet Odem. However, after years of work and many lives lost, it wasn't possible to find the remains of the inscriptions he saw the day of his enlightenment.

For years, Sorran followed the clues found in ancient artifacts hidden in every corner of the galaxy. With the approval of the Council he kept on doing it, most of all thanks to the fact that Aron exposed himself in first person. The Council entrusted Sorran the Kobegalon ship, commanded by General Mesian. The Council also allowed him to have a team of Jedi formed by his scholars, volunteers and masters imposed by the respective orders.

During an archaeological excavation on a small moon of the system Nirras, Sorran discovers an ancient Eronian artifact. The inscriptions on the object seem to show the coordinates of the mysterious Resurrection, the enormous ship of the Second Guardian of Eron, who according to the legend kept the secret of immortality.