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Return of Dark Resurrection

Written by Fabrizio Fenner.

DR custodidellaforza gli eroi

Filming has wrapped on “Dark Resurrection: Keepers of the Force”. The project is the final chapter of the sci-fi saga loosely based on Star Wars, written and directed by Angelo Licata. The first film, released in 2007, surprised the world and has received compliments from Lucasfilm. Driven by the success of the prequel Dark Resurrection Vol.0, which has generated millions of views on YouTube, and thanks to the donations from fans from all over the world, it has been possible to produce a concluding chapter with a narrative arc so ambitious to make necessary the division of the project in two parts: an illustrated novel and a trailer which conceptually is not dissimilar from a short movie.

DR2 drown web b

Lord Drown, Michael Segal (Photo by Lisa Lo Presti) 

"It's the most spectacular thing I've ever done," said actor Michael Segal, who plays evil Lord Drown in the movie. Unlike in most of Italian local productions, the action scenes were filmed using cables and special effects that allowed actors to perform stunts worthy of the latest Marvel films.

 Daniele Balconi Dan Lee DR cast foto Lisa Lo Presti

 Dan Lee, Daniele Balconi (Photo by Lisa Lo Presti)   

Actor and stunt-man Daniele Balconi, who is also responsible for all the acrobatic scenes and combat choreography in the film, plays the hero Dan Lee.

Olga ShapovalRuya
Ruya, Olga Shapoval (Photo By Lisa Lo Presti)

Actress and model Olga Shapoval is Ruya, a character that could be described as a female Han Solo. The young Lorenza Testa is Sabine.

Lorenza Testa Sabine KIR5821 DR cast foto Lisa Lo Presti

Sabine, Lorenza Testa (Photo by Lisa Lo Presti)

 Al Veteran actors of the saga joined the cast: Giuseppe Licata (Sorran), Maurizio Zuppa (Zui Mar) and Grazia Ogulin (Nemer), as well as numerous extras from all over Italy.  

DRv2 lordSorranWEB

Lord Sorran, Giuseppe Licata (Photo by Lisa Lo Presti) 

Filming took place in Carmagnola at Ouvert Studios. "The desire to improve the quality of previous work was very strong," says Angelo Licata, "so I worked for a long time on  pre-visualisation, developing the animation of the entire trailer to understand which shots were really necessary. In the meantime, I've put together an incredible and talented team. Some of them were a real surprise and could work in the most important international productions. In the last few years I worked on many other movies sets, but Dark Resurrection remains my first love. The air you breathe on the set is different, people work only out of passion, you can feel the fire of art in each of them, a bit like the "Force" of Star Wars, it crosses, it keeps us united, it binds us.”

Angelo Licata foto by Lisa Lo Presti

The director, Angelo Licata (Photo byLisa Lo Presti)

Almost everyone in the crew was a professional that joined the project without any expectation of compensation – everyone has done it for the love of moviemaking and for the desire of experimenting with a genre that has not been produced in Italy for a long time.

Drown vs Zui Mar foto by lisa lo presti

The directors of photography are two young talents, Riccardo Antonino and Luca Facheris. Andrea Navicella is the first operator. The costumes were made by Giulia Danese and the set design is by Morena Trevisol. Special makeup effects are by Mila Mirenghi. The assistant director is Mattia Stancanelli. Weapons were made by propmaker Roby Rani, swords were created by Skyforge. Piero Bockos, Andrea Zanichelli and Luigi Bellucci of the 501st Italica garrison contributed with props and armors, while Robin Studio, a production company based in Turin, contributed with its technical support. Production assistants were students of the Cinema Engineering Course in the Polytechnic University of Turin. Production has been managed by Riviera Film, Angelo Giampietro’s cultural association which has supported the saga since 2007.

 DR stunt e rigCom

In a few days post production will begin, and Mirco Paolini, a 3D artist  who has collaborated on numerous Hollywood films, will join Licata in the production of the VFX. Some sequences will be done by Hive Division, an important italian company owned by Giacomo Talamini. It will take several months to be able to view the final product, but as all previous episodes it will be completely free.