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Dark Resurrection Crew: Fabrizio Fenner

Written by Angelo Licata.


1-How did you join the team of DR?

As I am a fan of Star Wars I often surfed on the official fan website In 2005, I found out the news of this important Italian film that was about to be shot by the website's founder, Angelo Licata. To be honest I had several doubts about the quality of the product, having already seen many fanfilms, especially Americans, who were truly amateur. But then, after watching the first trailer (which made my jaw fall onto the ground in wonder!) I completely changed my mind and I started following closely the evolution of the project. Then in 2006, after a series of email exchanges for common interests, a photo of my daughter drew the attention of Angelo Licata: he chose her for the role of the girl Hope. Almost at the same time Angelo also noticed that I enjoyed working with the software 3D Studio Max. So he asked me to make some models of the spaceships that you can see in Volume 1. In the movie I also played an extra role alongside with Sergio Muniz and Fabrizio Rizzolo, according again to Angelo's request. I nicknamed him "Krugan", mangling the name of the villain in Highlander, to which I found a particular similarity.

 2- Can you tell us your role within the production?

As I said before , I have been involved in Vol.1 modeling, 3D animation and creation of textures for the spaceship models. In Vol.0 however, I almost completely dealt with lightsabers rotoscoping and the Daikas spears. Rotoscoping is a technique used in compositing. We use it to create the glowing blade and make it move by applying a matte that, overlapping the aluminum blade follows the path traced by the sword. It's a long and meticulous job, especially considering that you are working frame by frame, magnifying the image by at least 400 % (to better see the contours to cover) and this must be done for each blade in the frame. Considering that in DR Vol. 0 there is more than 10 minutes of fighting with swords and spears, with shots with even more than 10 blades at the same time........well, if you make a quick calculation, you will easily understand how many hours I dedicated to this movie!

3- What has given you personally the experience of DR?

As I am not a professional expert in this field and as it is something completely different from my job, DR has definitely given me the opportunity to find out brand new personal abilities. What absolutely amazed me most was the acting, which was so spontaneous and natural to me and didn't require a particular effort. Many people said that I perfectly kept up the situation (have I chosen the wrong job perhaps?). However, to me the most important thing in this experience has surely been the huge human level of the people that I met, and most importantly the friendship of a very special person: his name is Angelo Licata.

4- Tell us a personal, funny and meaningful story in short, a special moment at your choice while you were working on DR.

Actually there would be more than one, to me there is one story in particular....but I think Angelo has already told you about it in the backstage interview... anyway, on the set of the Battle of Eron I asked Nina Senicar if after the shooting I could take a picture with her. She immediately refused, it left me speechless for a few seconds. After that, changing my expression from serious (almost annoyed) to smiling (to drive me crazy) she started laughing and said, "I WAS JOCKING!" I swear that this time I felt really embarrassed! But then she was so cute, the next day, while she was leaving, she stopped the driver as she saw me, got out of the car and came towards me saying: "Did we have to take a picture together?" She is really a very pretty and kind girl, she has shown so much helpfulness even when I met her again on other occasions.