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Yet another associate producer for Dark Resurrection vol.2: Matteo Lonati

182 Matteo Lonati Brescia

Although it has been a long time since the fundraising campaign began, Dark Resurrection still attracts new supporters and, in this case, a new associate producer: Marco Lonati.

Marco lives in Brescia and, of course, is a big fan of the Star Wars saga. Having also appreciated the work of Angelo Licata, he decided to contribute in substantial way to the realization of the final chapter, explaining the reasons that led him to become an associate producer of volume 2.

"Since I have always been a fan of Star Wars, few years ago I was lucky to find by chance Dark Resurrection vol. 1. I immediately noticed the quality of this amateur product and the work achieved with such a limited budget so, as soon as I heard of the existence of vol. 2, I could not help but contribute to this new project that will surely give great satisfaction."

I can not help but thank Mark for his devotion, as I can not help but amaze me with the affection, appreciation and support that Dark Resurrection continues to obtain

Thank You Marco,

May The Force Be With You…Always!

Fabio Dalla Valle. New Associate Producer of Dark Resurrection vol. 2

179 Fabio Dalla Valle Arluno MI

Dark Resurrection continues to recruit new associate producers among its ranks, people who wish to contribute to the realization of the final chapter of the Saga, started many years ago.

Fabio Dalla Valle, from Arluno in the province of Milan, recently discovered Dark Resurrection and immediately wanted to contribute substantially to the project started back in 2004 by Angelo Licata.

Here are the reasons that led him to contribute to the cause:

“I saw Dark Resurrection by pure chance, while I waited at the airport for a delayed flight. A surprise the story, a surprise the movie. I felt the desire to be part of this story too.”

We would like to thank Fabio Dalla Valle and all our supporters, in particular the Dark Resurrection Associated Producers who, in a few months, will receive a preview of the novel of the final chapter of the Saga: Dark Resurrection – Keepers of the Force.

May The Force Be With You…Always!!!

Roberto Chianura: Hero of the Deed of Thousand!

Roberto Chianura Occhiobello RO Italy

Roberto Chianura, from Occhiobello in Rovigo's province (Italy), is a new Hero of the Deed of Thousand!

Roberto, who delights in acting and in the production of short and feature films, explained why he wanted to contribute to the realization of "Dark Resurrection vol.2":

"The reasons that led me to contribute are many: first of all I'm a a Star Wars fan since childhood and I saw in your work a great effort and a great passion that I really hope to see continue, moreover I'm part of a cultural association that realizes short and feature films and I know how much work is required both in front of and behind the camera, so I was even more impressed by the result. "

Thanks Roberto! As for the other "Heroes", even your words represent, for us, the stimulus to continue in this venture!

May The Force Be With You ... Always!

Luca Salvadei. Another Hero of the Deed of the Thousand.

Other Heroes continues to join the extraordinary Deed of the Thousand.

Today we talk about Luca Salvadei, from Rozzano in the province of Milano (Italy), who has decided to become associate producer of "Dark Resurrection vol. 2".

Even  to Luca we asked the reason that pushed him to join this venture and he, simply, replied:

"Why do I support you? For the passion I have in SW, which I love; for the passion that you have demonstrated in SW, I admire; and for your really exceptional skill in the production of these chapters, that I envy. "

We say thank you Luca for the great support and the wonderful compliments, wishing you, as always: May The Force Be With You…Always!

Daniele Fornaciari, another new Associate Producer for Dark Resurrection vol. 2

181 Daniele Fornaciari Milano

Another new associate producer has joined the large group of supporters of our beloved project. His name is Daniele Fornaciari and he lives in Milan.

Recently, Daniele has decided to actively support the project of Dark Resurrection vol. 2, both with a generous financial contribution, and making itself available to promote the project itself.

At our request of the reason that led him to become an Associate Producer, Daniele replied:
"DR is proof that even Italian sci-fi cinema can be of the highest quality, we have to believe all of us and take back some space between the stars ... and I wanted to contribute in my little way to make this dream a little closer. Thank you all."

To be honest, we are the ones who have to thank Daniele and all the other supporters who continue, even today, to believe in this dream started, almost for fun, back in 2004.

Thank you Daniele, May The Force Be With You...Always!

The Dark Resurrection Saga continues to have supporters. Fabio Fanti, new Associate Producer.

177 Fabio Fanti

The new year has begun excitingly for Dark Resurrection, with the arrival of three new Associated Producers. One of these is Fabio Fanti, from Bologna (Italy), who wrote us the reason why he decided to support us in such a concrete way:

“Since 2010, as an old fan of the Star Wars universe, I have enthusiastically supported the production of Dark Resurrection. Today, in 2018, I found myself showing to my 8 year old son DR Vol.0 and Vol.1, I do not hide it with a bit of shyness, since by now, like all new generations, he has had the opportunity to watch all the movies of the saga several times. I saw his happiness in discovering the existence of this new material on Star Wars that he watched with all the enthusiasm, surprise and joy that only one young Padawan sincerely tries. In a world where it is increasingly difficult to find something that surprises us, for him and for all those who are approaching for the first time in this fantastic universe, I decided to continue to further contribute, with pride, to the production of Dark Resurrection.”

We of the staff of Dark Resurrection thank Fabio so much for his substantial financial contribution, as we thank so much even those who, like him, recently, has contributed substantially but has preferred not to appear on our site. However, the thing that certainly makes us more proud, enthusiastic and happy is to see that the love for Dark Resurrection continues after years of the last chapter's release, Dark Resurrection volume 0. Due to the fact that, even today, after a long time people continue to follow us and support us, we understand that we have always been on the right track in carrying out our project, despite the difficulties, despite the scarcity of means and especially funds, without which you cannot make a quality product, even working for free, because the materials, equipment, rentals are at a very high cost and, as we have always maintained, Dark Resurrection deserves to be made with a good quality level.

Thanks Fabio, thanks to all the new Associated Producers and, as usual...

May The Force Be With ... All of Us!

Marco Pachetti, a new Hero of the Deed of the Thousand.

Marco Pachetti Lucca Italia

Marco Pachetti, from Lucca (Italy), is the new Hero of the Army of the Deed of the Thousand, but he was already associate producer of "Dark Resurrection vol.0".

He has largely demonstrated his dedication to the project by contributing to the volume 0 of Dark Resurrection. Now Marco continues to support us for these reasons:

"The reason why I helped Dark Resurrection Vol. 2 is because, as a great fan of Star Wars and science fiction in general, I can only applaud in this ambitious project made in Italy, I believe in new talent and new technological innovations that the cinematic landscape of the new millennium offer. "

Thanks again Marco, for what you have already done and for what you continue to do supporting us in this venture!
May The Force Be With You .... Always!

An Hero of the Deed Of the Thousand from Finland


Another hero has joined the Deed fo the Thousand. He comes from Filnad and his name is Timo Häkkinen.

At the request of the reason that pushed him to become associate producer, Timo replied:

"The reason for supporting vol. 2 is, that I saw vol. 0 one of the best maybe the best fan film what I have ever seen. I have worked in TV business long time ago and now I am working in IT business, so understand film effects quite well, and in the vol0 they were huge. I’d like to see vol2, so I make decision to support it a little bit, and because I live far a fay (2000 km), it is difficult support you any other way that giving small fee to you."

Thank you Timo! May The Force Be With You…Always!

Stefano Tomaso Benassi, Dark Resurrection supporter for 10 years.

180 Stefano Tomaso Benassi Milano

Stefano Tomaso Benassi, from Milan, is another Associate Producer who joined this year.

Stefano, who’s already an associate producer of Dark Resurrection Vol. 0, supports our project since 2008.

Also in 2012 he wanted to contribute again becoming a supporting member of Dark Resurrection Vol.2, and now, with the desire to see the work completed, he contributed again reaching the status of Associate Producer of Dark Resurrection Vol.2.

At the request of the motivations that led him to contribute to the project, Stefano replied:

“I decided to support your project for various reasons:

- I was born and raised like many of us with Star Wars

- I already sponsored Dark Resurrection vol.0 and I came to see it in San Remo, I found it wonderful

- dreams must always be helped.”

Thanks again to Stefano for his great support and, above all, for the devotion to our project in all these years and we wish him:

May the Force be with you .... Always!

Ian Godin, a new Hero from Canada

175 Ian Godin EdmontonAlberta Canada

A new Hero has joined the Army of the Deed of the Thousand!

His name is Ian Godin and lives in Edmonton, Canada.

Ian wanted to contributre to the realizzation of our project, becoming Associate Producer, for the reasons that he explained below:

“I first found the dark resurrection project a couple years ago on YouTube while watching fanfilms.  I don't know much Italian, but subtitles were provided, allowing me to experience the films as well as understand what was being said.  I was drawn to the films initially because of how well done they were, both visually and in terms of the actors involved.   Most fanfilms are either very very short, or extremely poorly done, with few exceptions.   Once I had watched the films however, I was drawn to them for other reasons, among them the storyline.  Particularly of interest to me was the expression of the story, most novels, films, fanfilms, and other mediums express a story with a bias for one side or the other but the Dark Resurrection films did not.   The good guys are definitely good and the bag guys definitely bad, but there is not bias for either side.   One side isn't all knowing and holy and the other slobbering monsters of unchecked rage. Both are shown from a neutral perspective, their good and their bad shown without bias, which I feel is incredibly important for storytelling.  I wanted to contribute sooner but the conversion difference from my currency to the euro is significant and I wasn't financially able until this year.

Thank you Ian for joining us in this beloved project!

May The Force Be With You…Always!!!

From Bristol a new Hero: Cory Boardman

Cory Boardman Bristol UK

From almost all countries of the world, new supporters join the Deed of the Thousand Heroes.

Cory Boardman, from Bristol UK, is the new Hero who joined the ranks of the Thousand to help us realize the volume 2 of Dark Resurrection. This is the motivation that drove him to join the Deed of the Thousand Heroes:

"The reason why I contributed towards Dark Resurrection Vol. 2 is because this saga is a great addition to the Star Wars universe and being a long-time fan of Dark Resurrection, I wanted to help the team achieve their goal as well as being a part of team making history! And as always, May The Force Be With You!"

Thanks for your great support, Cory! May The Force Be With You...Always!

A New Hero from Germany: David Freitag


David Freitag Salomonsborn Germania

David Freitag is the new Hero added to the list of the pioneers who are supporting Dark Resurrection Volume 2.

David lives in Salomonsborn (Germany) and he is also a good music composer
Let's find out what pushed him to support us:

"The reason why I have made my donation, is that I've seen the first two films and would like to know, what will happen next. In addition, I like fanfilms produced so for finest."

Thank you David! We really appreciate your support!
May The Force Be With You...Always!